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[captioner had audio trouble] we have a heat warning in effect for all of the area in purple. there's a code red air quality alert in effect today as well. 103 is the forecasted high. we'll challenge the temperatures. we'll tie the record today. it will be warm and humid. tomorrow, more like yesterday, we'll look for a temperature closer to 100 degrees and partly sunny and a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. we'll have the complete updated forecast in a few moments.
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how about the rush right now. here's sharon gibala with traffic control. hi, don, well, it's taken an hour. we have picked up the first problem of the hour. it's blocking lanes in the city. on south hillton, that's going to be closed. take south pulaski street. otherwise, speeds still at par and above. there's a live look at 95 at the tunnels. everything's looking good there. there's 83 and running smooth at shawan road. for traffic information any time, go to here's what people are talking about and dealing with today. the highest temperatures we've seen all summer. dozens of records will be
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broken, even seats on swings at playgrounds could burn a child with temperatures nearing 140 degrees in the summer sun. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. yes, a code red heat alert is in effect for the weekend. that means that the city pool hours are extended and cooling centers are open. >> reporter: in heat like this, every task outside is unbearable, and also deadly. across the country, 22 deaths are blamed on the heat. marylanders are trying to stay safe. listen to your body, if you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. >> if someone's not used to this weather, you shouldn't get outside. >> reporter: a city opened 12 cooling centers and using pools at recreation centers.
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bge is bracing for the scene. they're expecting to near the record for power usage. officials want you to go to a place with air-conditioning if you don't have it. go to a neighbor's house or a cooling center. it's important for people to stay in touch with neighbors. >> my wife and i, we sort of like look out for each other during the day. >> reporter: so far, in maryland, six died from heat related illnesses. many had underlying health conditions. to find the closest city near you, dial 311. because of the heat, all city code red summer school programs are canceled again today. stay with us throughout the day, for updates on the forecast and any heat related closures, go to
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a high school basketball star is killed in a shooting in south baltimore. the 18-year-old was shot in the chest yesterday. he and a friend may have been playing with a gun when it went off accidentally. the city police officer shot earlier this week was targeted by a sniper and the police have the man who did it. >> reporter: this man is charged with an attempted murder of a police officer. he acted as a sniper and used an assault rifle like this one. it's a miracle that our officer was not more seriously injured or someone else in that block. >> reporter: it happened before midnight tuesday when the 24- year-old officer was responding to a domestic violence call. the bullet hit the officer's
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gun and fragments hit his hip. it was a big gun, it could have wiped us all out. >> you don't feel safe any more. >> reporter: he was not linked to the original call for help. he saw this as a opportunity to strike. >> he had some large hatred towards the police officers. what we know is that he was incredibly mad at the police department. >> reporter: his exgirlfriend says he's in the u.s. army, stationed in kansas and he recently returned to baltimore. the police tracked him down thursday. they found pieces of the rifle in his car and house. >> reporter: he's awaiting a bail review. >> the officer is home from
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being treated at shock trauma. your next trip from expedia and more sites could cost more. you could be taxed on the full price of the hotel room, instead of the half price you pay. the industry is going to pay on the cut, cap and balance deal. it's not expected to pass. don't forget, the president is going to be at the university of college park for a town hall meeting. vic carter will be there, too. a game changing day at the pentagon. they'll talk about the repeal of don't ask don't tell. the new defense secretary will sign off on a bill to allow openly gay men and women to serve in the military.
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there's a 60 day waiting period before it's fully implemented. the latest on the nfl lockout. the ball is in the player's court. it's up to them to end the four month old work stoppage. >> reporter: nfl owners approved a tentative deal. now, the players have to vote. >> it's time to get back to football. >> reporter: the owners and players will split $9 billion. it resolves the disagreements about the cap, the rookie pay and the retirement benefits. >> we're able to compromise now. that's why we're able to stand here today. >> reporter: before the players can formerly collect the agreement, they have to reestablish their union. that could take time. >> every time the employee
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makes that decision, it's something that's serious, significant and should be done in a sober way. >> reporter: the nfl says it's prepared to open the training facilities saturday. the deal didn't come soon enough to save the preseason hall of fame game. the commissioner says there's not enough time. it will take a lot of work to get them up and running. they have to sign free agents, still. fans want to see them back on the field. >> i couldn't go a year without football. >> this agreement could run for ten years. ticket master is looking to cut out tickets completely. you'll have to carry a credit card or a smart phone.
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this is so snipers won't resell events. london is making way for an olympic sized mcdonalds. it will have a kitchen four times normal and seating for up to 1500 customers. it will be the biggest mcdonalds in the world. wow, a lot of burgers. >> yeah, and personal feeling when you eat in a mcdonalds in europe, it tastes almost like it does here. >> almost? >> yes, and it gets better every year or so. there's something about that. >> yeah, so they standardize the taste no matter where you go. >> and burger king is completely different. it was a british based chain for a while. >> and i imagine the beef
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somewhere else. beef here is cow, you never know. it could be yak somewhere else. at the burger king in london, i had a spicy bean burger. you don't see that here. >> thank you. >> and right before you get on the plane. >> yeah, nice. let's talk about the business of baseball and football. as in, well, the complete coverage of the heat, it's going to play into the orioles playing the angels today. hot and humid conditions downtown keeping us around 100 degrees around first pitch time. >> and ron matz finds himself in the company of angels. don and tim, happy friday to you. a little bit of a breeze, not bad. we're live in dundalk as we get ready.
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good morning, everyone. the third annual trauma teddy bear run. we'll tell you about it when the morning edition rolls on. ,,
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good morning, it's a warm start to the day. he had the right idea, he was inside. if you can be inside today, that's the place to be. we've dropped one degree as we do before sunrise. we're going to sore one step back to take 20 steps forward. 'll add about 20 degrees to the temperature before the day is out. we'll alert you, when the dew point is above 65, you'll start to feel the human and the heat we talk about when the temperatures are high. we're at 75 and we'll stay at that range. 82% humidity and a south west wind at 3 miles per hour,
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bringing in the warm, humid air. 29.87 is the barometer reading. the cooler spots are in south western maryland. we have heat watches and warnings for the rest of the state. we're at 85 down on the shore. everyone else, between 81 and 85 around westminster and d.c. and annapolis and kent island. we're talking about the winds from the south west. that's the order of the day. they'll continue to bring in the warmer air locked in over the mid-atlantic. the purple color here, that's the excessive heat warning from 10:00 to 10:00. the watches we talked about are in far western maryland. we have a code red alert in place today, too. hot and humid conditions staying with us. we have a front to the north.
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we have thunderstorms for the next five days or show. widely scattered showers like the summertime patterns we deal with. this could bring us short term relief when they come through. sunset at 8:27. we'll feel a little bit of relief when we lose the heat of the day. the next high tide at 11:56. 103 degrees is the forecasted high today. the record is 101. 78 degrees tonight and 100 degrees tomorrow and a thunderstorm. we'll have a chance of the thunderstorms into tuesday. 96 on sunday, 89 monday and 91 and 94 for tuesday and wednesday. here's sharon with traffic control. hi, don, it's gotten busier. three of the accidents on the major roadways.
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watch for it in the westbound lanes second crash at route 94. one lane blocked there and a new accident on the harrisburg expressway. meantime, if you're traveling in the city, we have fire activity blocking south hilton street. take south pulaski street instead. if you're on the major roadways, no delays. there's your average speeds on the beltway. everything is looking good on 95 in and out of the tunnel. sun glare could be a factor as seen in that shot. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and save more in the long run. toyota, moving forward. we have to stay with the transportation theme and go to ron and motorcyclists. >> reporter: yeah, don and tim, happy friday.
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>> same to you. >> oh, man. it's been rough, please -- please, please, take it easy. check on your neighbors and especially the scene your citizen -- senior citizens, like me! call me and check on me later. >> i'll call you later. >> reporter: and i'll call you back. >> it's the third annual teddy bear trauma run. good morning, everyone. thank you for coming out. we're at american legion dundalk post 38. this is blaze. hi, how are you, it's tomorrow? >> yes, we start with 8:30 a.m. and it ends at 9:30. the bikes will roll out at 10:30. the event starts at 11:00. you can get the tickets at the gate and still get them online.
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>> reporter: chaos, where do you take the teddy bears? >>, to the fire department and ems and emergency vehicles. they give them to children when they go on call. >> chaos began the club five years ago and three years ago, chaos came up with the idea to help seniors and children in need. >> reporter: and you also deliver the teddy bears personally to the nursing home? >> it's heart breaking and it's sad, the majority of the residents are grateful. it's emotional. >> reporter: we thank you for coming out this morning. mom, thank you. mom gave me all of the information. thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: we appreciate it. and we have to say hi to princess. how are you doing? >> good. >> reporter: you'll sing at the event?
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>> yes, "love story" by taylor swift. >> reporter: can you sing this morning at all? >> no. >> reporter: it's too early. what school do you go to? >> bear creek. >> reporter: hi, joe. you're with american legion? >> yes, bar chairman also. we want everyone to come out and support this worthy cause tomorrow. it's well worth it. >> thank you for what you do. it's sisters of chrome, women's motorcycle club. the event is tomorrow, it starts here at post 38. yeah, 3300 dundalk avenue. >> give yourselves a big hand here. >> hey, ron, why do they call her chaos?
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>> reporter: why do they call you chaos? >> imagine that? [ laughter ] >> reporter: i think she answered your question. >> i think so. >> reporter: it's a 20-dollar admission. it's great, bring a teddy bear, live music and food and live door prizes. we have a lot of stuff going on. joe, thank you for everything. have a great one, we'll see you later. we'll see you monday morning at fells point. it will be manic monday. >> there you go. >> have a great weekend and stay cool. >> reporter: thank you, thank you all. see you. >> i have an idea for a teddy bear, put it in a freezer and give it a hug and go wow! >> that's an idea. >> look at the vehicles in the inner harbor this morning. >> man. do you think they're staying cool on those?
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>> i would be doing cannon ball,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there was a tour bus crash in new york state. dozens are injured. a local freelance journalist is still locked up in libya.
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what's being done for him. we're live at druid hill park. this is one of the many city pools that is packed because of the heat. president obama restarts his efforts for a big deal to bring down the deficits. it has some democrats fuming. that's coming up. and i'm sharon gibala with wjz, traffic control. >> we have plenty of accidents already to talk about. we'll go down the list in a few. right now, sending it over to tim. we're looking at another hot day and near record breaking temperatures. it's day two of the dew tour. we're talk about that. it's a big deal at the beach. what a backdrop the beach is to it. the morning edition will continue in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 6:30 and steamy and sultry. the weekend can't describe how close it feels outside. you'll know. sharon's watching traffic and it's tim in for marty. good morning, everyone. you'll know soon enough. as soon as you go outside, it grips you when you walk out the door. the humidity levs are high. the dew points aren't high. we've never dropped below 80 degrees overnight. we have 85 in ocean city. that's where the heat index, when you factor in the dew points and the warm area from south west, it's at 98 degrees on shore already. it feels like 87 in baltimore and we're going up from there. we have a code red air quality alert in the area. we have a heat warning at
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10:00. that will be with us to 10:00 p.m. tonight. the forecasted high is 103 degrees. our record is 101 today. we'll tie, but we could surpass that. patchy clouds and warm and humid and then, tomorrow, 100 degrees. we'll drop back a little bit and have a chance for thunderstorms that could offer a little bit of a relief. we'll have the forecast coming up in a moment. we have problems on the pavement. here's sharon with traffic control. the list of problems is growing. three of the accidents are on major roadways. one at 70 westbound past route 32. the other one on 70 eastbound. that's blocking one lane. watch for a crash on the harrisburg express lane. another accident in on the city at 648. fire activity to report in the city on south hilton street.
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that's closed between frederick and west baltimore street. south pulaski is your best bet there. no delays on the beltway. top and westsides of the beltway with 54 miles per hour averages. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and save more in the long run. at the top of the news, the temperature will be moving to the top of the thermometer. one of the best places to be is the movie theater. >> we have ac, who cares what's playing. that's what their sign says. >> i remember those days. andrea fujii is live outside of a swimming pool. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: yes, it's 6:30. it's already muggy and we have the sun starting to come out. it's down right hot.
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many of the city pools will be packed today. this heat contributed to the death of six marylanders already. in heat like this, just about every task is not only unbearable, but potentially deadly. 22 deaths are blamed on the heat. marylanders are trying to stay safe. listen to your body. if you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. >> if you're not used to the weather, you shouldn't get out here. >> reporter: the city opened an additional 12 cooling centers, use pools as emergency cool off spots. bge is bracing for the scene. they'll near the record for power consumption. if the power does go out and if you don't have air-conditioning at all, officials want you to
6:34 am
go somewhere that does. >> whether it's to a neighbor's house or a cooling center, it's important for people to stay in touch with neighbors who are isolated and don't have anyone to check on them. my wife and i check on each other throughout the day. >> reporter: bge is ready for the extra demand of power they expect today. if you're late on utility bills. it's illegal for you fillty to -- utility to shut off power on a day like today. >> because of the heat, the summer school programs are canceled again today. for heat related closiers and problems, go to we continue to follow the news from western new york state. 20 people are injured wile riding -- while riding a tour
6:35 am
bus near rochester. the state police say that a soldier from fort drum was driving by and stopped and pulled people out of the burning bus. it's not clear how severe the injuries are. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the morning and the day. >> >> the local freelance journalist that's been missing has been spotted in libya. he's not in a good place. >> reporter: matthew van dike is held alive in tripoli. >> what's he gone through? >> reporter: he disappeared march 13th, he was drawn to the turmoil to document history as the rebels tried to overthrow gaddafi. sharon never gave up, she even traveled overseas to find him. >> reporter: you were on a mission to find your son. >> he is a person with a mother
6:36 am
out looking for him. i spoke to gaddafi's men at the embassy. >> reporter: she contacted the state department. right now, matthew is among several americans missing in lib yam the state congressmen are following the information. >> we have allies who have relationships right now with the cathedral government and -- with the gaddafi government. we'll use the allies to bring him back home. >> reporter: we have to wait and hope that the terrible war is over soon. >> reporter: matthew's girlfriend called the news a real break through. mary bubala, eyewitness news. several journalists have been released from a libyan jail. that was in march. this hacking group,
6:37 am
anonymous gained information to nato. they posted two files from nato computers and promised more on the way. anonymous had already hacked into mastercard and papal and others. john edwards is being asked to repay $2 million to the u.s. government. the commission voted unanimously yesterday for the repayment showing that he underreported his fund raising and overreported his expenses. he's still accused of using a million dollars in campaign funds to cover up an extra marital affair and it's resulting baby. >> the dead line to a default is growing closer day by day. the bill is not expected to pass. >> reporter: the white house
6:38 am
and gop leaders are denying rumors that a debt agreement is within reach. we're not close to a deal. >> reporter: still, behind closed doors, john boehner and president obama were crafting a plan that could trim $3 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. after getting wind of the deal, many were fuming, angered to hear that the proposal could include cuts to social security. party leaders were so furious that president obama met with them thursday for two hours. both sides are running out of time. the u.s. could default on the bills in two weeks. >> no one thinks that default is an option. >> the house republican is have made a deal. >> that's what america wants
6:39 am
and what washington needs. >> reporter: the senate will vote on that today. >> this is a bad piece of legislation. >> reporter: the democratic leaders say it doesn't stand a chance. >> all of this, of course, it will be a topic of conversation today as the potential holds a town hall style meeting. vic carter will have the meeting this afternoon. >> turning to the negotiations in the sports world. there's still hope for an nfl season. all eyes are on the players who passed on their chance to vote on the deal last night. the owners approved it. there are reports they've added elements that weren't negotiated with the players. we know that the lockout is going to the annual hall of fame game. they'll find a way to have some fun, they said. the important thing for us to remember is while we regret losing the hall of fame, but
6:40 am
the focus is the ceremony that will continue and go on as schedule. >> reporter: the raven's first game is set for thursday, august 11th in philadelphia. while we deal with potentially record breaking heat today. take a look at the problem in southern chile. it's a record breaking snowstorm. six feet of it fell. a state of catastrophe is declared in eight areas. they have reverse seasons from us. it may be hot and humid, but we're not shoveling hot and humid off of the driveways. they're shoveling. six feet! >> they need to reword it. chilly instead of chile. >> well, some say it that way. >> well, snowballs may not be a
6:41 am
bad idea today. the snowball stands will be rocking and rolling today. we're looking at the hop today. -- at the high pressure today. our temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s. we're challenging the record of 101 today. if you plan on going down to the ballpark, our boys of summer are taking on the angels. it's going to be 100 degrees at the ballpark. i don't know how you dress for that? >> well, a player dresses like normal. if you're in the stands, it may be worth it to dress cooler. coming up, we'll talk about the dew tour at ocean city. he has e-mailed photos of what it looks like, the bowl, the stands and the beach behind it.
6:42 am
we'll be back with that and also, an update on traffic. we have the first warning weather also. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this sun is going to be responsible for helping us get up to temperatures near record highs today if not, just a little bit above. the dew point is at 75. above 65 is where it feels humid. we'll be in the range like this all day. 79 in cumberland and 85 on the shore. that's where the heat index is at 98 degrees. we have temperatures ranging from the upper 70s to the lower 80s around the region. with the south west wind, we'll see the temperatures moving across the mid-atlantic into tomorrow. we have a heat warning into effect tomorrow as well. today, it goes into effect until 10:00 a.m. and stays with us until 10:00 p.m.. we have a code red alert issued also. we have hot and humid conditions in place. a front coming in to the north
6:46 am
is allowing for widely scattered showers. any time they'll come in, they'll bring short term relief and the heat comes back and we'll deal with steamy conditions. the sunset is at 8:27 and south west wind on the bay and no advisories. we'll go up to the daytime high of 103 and the record is 101. the heat index is about 110 to 115. 100 degrees tomorrow and a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. the heat index into the lower 1 hups -- 100s. don? will got a commute coming up? here's sharon gibala with traffic control. no delays, but we have plenty of accidents. four in fact. one is on 70 in the westbound lane answer one in the
6:47 am
eastbound lanes of 70. one lane blocked there. there's an accident at freeland road and another one on west patapsco. fire activity is blocking south hilton street in the city. south pulaski street is your best bet. as i mentioned, no real delays on the beltway. 51 is the slowest spot between 795 and 95. no delays on 95. everything is looking good. also, on 95 south of 100. you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota, moving forward. >> if you haven't heard by now, the dew tour is in full swing. this morning's coffee with guest is bucky lasik. >> the dew tour is in full swing. the big part of it happens
6:48 am
tomorrow into sunday. >> yeah, big time, big time. >> let's talk about you first. you were just coming off of -- >> yeah, i fractured my right ankle and now, i'm back. full force. no holding back. >> no excuses. >> okay, we have the website up for the dew tour. it started thursday and runs into sunday. there's a surfing event now. >> yeah, it's like a demo for the dew tour. they'll have a live d.j. and also, saturday, kid cutty is performing on the beach. everything else, for the contest, you have to pay for the tickets. they're fairly priced. >> are you excited to have it in maryland? >> yeah, i'm hyped. aside from the friends and family showing up or the hey,
6:49 am
you remember me? it's hard because people change. you know, you're not used to the necklace -- to the face. >> you're not telling me anything new. it will be exciting to be on the beach. we're taping this before it starts. you haven't seen this in person. >> no, they're just building it. it's almost done. >> while you're talking, i'll try to bring that up. >> this is the first time they're building, well, it's a big production, it was built out of steel and they'll not the concrete over it. the bowl will be on the beach. right near the water and the ramp and everything. if you take the internet now, these are pictures bucky e- mailed to us. there's the bowl and the surf in the background.
6:50 am
>> you put a bowl like that on the beach and the vibe and the energy is amazing. these two are the money shots. >> yeah, look at the structure. >> yeah, those are the stands >> and that's the festival part of it. >> and dew tour just built this. >> it's all brand-new technology. >> this is the first time it's going to be put up. >> they note concrete. when it comes time to take it down, they saw cut it and transport it. it will go to portland. >> that's moving? >> yeah, it's portable. >> yeah, i watched them build the stands at m&t bank stadium and i was impressed at how quickly they got them up? >> they're claiming they'll have a lot of people.
6:51 am
they'll have to helicopter people in. it's going to be big. >> well, there will be stands all the way around. the whole bowl will have a platform and then bleachers of people. >> tomorrow, saturday, the finals. saturday will be, well, saturday will be the bowl finals. then, the other finals on sunday. and some of the other big gail names? >> yeah, plg and mcdonalds and the famous snow border shaun white. >> and not that they out shine you? >> no, they're just darn good and they're strong. the snow borders will do hard surface. >> yeah, he skates good. he's not in season, you know,
6:52 am
he comes and competes against us while he's not winning everything. >> ill rather fall on snow. >> the snow board fights are on ice. >> well, i hope the ankle holds up. >> it's solid, thanks. i'm sure there will be a crowd of people heading across this night. well, there's no rooms or everything. >> ocean city's happy then? >> yes, it's a happy place. >> i can't wish you all of the luck in the world too often. you'll have to come back and tell us how you did and bring picture. >> the dew tour in ocean city this weekend. don't miss it, we hope you have your hotel room booked.
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we have a front moving in from the north. that will give us scattered showers today. that will bring a little relief and also, strong storms should they make their way across the region. the record is 101 and the heat index around 110 and 115. there's a heat warning in effect through 10:00 tonight now, for a look at the roads, here's sharon gibala. well, only one new problem,
6:56 am
it's a disabled vehicle on 95 in the southbound lanes. that's at the fort mchenry tunnel. also, watch for an accident on 70 eastbound. that's at route 94. one lane is locked there and another one on freeland road. one more in the city at 648 in the city. we have fire activity blocking south hillton street. pulaski is the best bet there. there's a look at the speeds on the beltway. 51 miles per hour is the slowest spot. the topside is still open. this is brought to you by h.h. gregg. beat the heat now at h.h. gregg with all air conditioners on sale. back to you, don. >> stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. complete news and heat wave and traffic coverage for you this morning more affects on the heat wave coming up.
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coming up. a tota,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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